Triple bar

Triple Bar is an online slot developed by 1×2 Gaming. It has just one fixed payline and is based on a well-known traditional slot machine concept. The return to player rate is quoted as 98.15%, and the variance level is modest. The top prize is 40 times your bet.


As they say, good things come in little packages, and the same can be said of the Triple Bar slot machine from 1×2 Gaming. Even while this will never be mistaken for a difficult slot machine, games that take a different approach often have something unique to offer.

The simplicity of a slot machine like Triple Bar, which has just one payline and such similar icons, is extremely refreshing and a fantastic method to let players focus just on the pleasure of spinning the reels. Additionally, the above-average 98.15% return to player rate helps make up for the lack of bonus spins.

Visuals and Soundtrack

Triple Bar is a straightforward slot machine, but it doesn’t skimp on style, with a sophisticated black and gold backdrop and fancy-edged reels. The aesthetic style of the game is classic and beautiful rather than attention-grabbing and extravagan
This makes perfect sense logically since, unlike many other positions available, Triple Bar doesn’t need to set a specific scenario or tell a compelling tale. The BARS in single (bronze colour), double (silver hue), and treble (gold hue) versions are the only symbols.
Players are treated to some soothing lounge music on the audio front. It plays continuously and is ideal for this spot. It even functions in tandem with the soft whirring of spinning reels

Variance And Triple Bar RTP

This slot’s incredible 98.15% return to player rate is so generous that it’s mind-blowing. The excellent combination of the RTP and medium variance level makes this slot machine a potential favourite for gamers of all skill levels.

Playing the Triple Bar

Triple Bar is made so that players, regardless of their prior expertise with online slots, may rapidly get ready to play. In fact, it could appear overly straightforward to some people. Just have confidence, though; I swear there won’t be any surprises or ruses to mislead you.

However, if you feel you need it, here is a brief guide you can refer to. Anyone who needs a fast refresher can use it as a reference.

Decide on your BET LEVEL first. To do this, click the plus and minus buttons on the BET symbol to select the amount of your fun bet. These range from 0.10 fun credits at the lowest to 200 at the most every spin.

You can simply check out the potential payouts because they are shown on screen to the left of the reels and are very straightforward.

Simply press the “three lines square” sign to quickly access the controls for the sound effects, the background music, and the quick spin mode.

The autoplay button starts hands-off spinning, but you have to touch the actual autoplay button once more to stop it entirely. Click the huge SPIN icon to pause autoplay mode, and then click it again to resume it. When playing in pay mode, advanced autoplay controls are available, but not when playing in fun mode.

That’s it, basically, so check the value of your fun bet stake, start spinning, and have fun.

Sizes of Bets & Paytable Gains

Players can choose the amount they want to wager on each spin. There are more than ten alternatives between the least bet of 0.10 fun credits and the highest bet of 200 credits. As always, these can be modified if desired following each manual spin.

Payment Data

Given that there are only three different ways to win, this payout table is arguably one of the easiest to understand.

Three matching symbols are the only requirement for a win, so it’s clearly all or nothing.

3 single BAR symbols landing together will pay you x4 your bet.

Get 3 double BAR symbols on the same payline to multiply your bet by 8 times.

Get three triple BAR symbols on the same payline to multiply your bet by 40.

As you can see, there is a significant difference between the two alternatives with lower payouts and the hefty multiplier you receive when you get three triple bars. This just heightens the suspenseful edge that Triple Bar offers.

Bonus Features for Triple Bars

There aren’t any more chances to win because this is a modern take on a classic slot machine. The good news is that this actually enhances the slot’s attractiveness rather than being a letdown. Players are encouraged to completely interact with each spin and to stay in the moment rather than constantly aiming for more thanks to the game’s straightforward design.

Triple Bar Evaluation

There are many benefits to playing a classic, back-to-basics online slot machine. The best way to appreciate Triple Bar’s positive aspects is to treat it with respect for what it is and refrain from making comparisons to more flashy games. Despite being straightforward, it’s enjoyable to play.

Take a look at the Bar Star slot if you enjoy classic-style games and want to combine that style with the potential to win bonuses. This game’s creators raced with that idea and created a scorching online slot with a gold bar bonus that leads to three jackpots and a free spins round.

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