Space WarsTM 2 Powerpoints TM

Back again! With the introduction of Space WarsTM 2 Powerpoints TM, the journey continues.

Today, NetEnt announced the release of Space Wars 2TM PowerpointsTM, a thrilling sequel that will freeze the galaxy in its tracks. Fans of the original Space WarsTM will adore this new version, which includes all their favourite extraterrestrial characters and adds a few fresh features to keep players on their toes.

In this high volatility slot, a wide variety of high-tech features can be activated, and players should be on the lookout for a variety of symbols including Blasters, Zappers, Bombs, Wilds, and win-inducing combos that fly through the reels. With combinations, players can take use of everything this new galaxy has to offer. For example, landing nearby Column/Row Blaster, Zapper, or Bomb symbols combines them into a much more potent feature.

Each element advances players toward significant wins by itself. Players can blast everyone in their way using the Column/Row Blaster. This Blaster symbol is awarded by a horizontal 4-symbol combination, clearing all other symbols from the reels save for Wild and feature symbols.

However, this slot’s rocket fuel are the PowerpointsTM. PowerpointsTM are given for each successful match, and these points are subsequently added to the collect metre above the reels. Players advance through the levels and see an increase in their win multiplier as they fill up the metre.

The game has it all, according to Evolution’s Head of Business Development James Jones: an epic intergalactic showdown, amazing characters, heart-pounding graphics, and features that turn each spin into an adventure. We’re thrilled to release the sequel this year because the first Space WarsTM captured the hearts of players.

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